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AMARC, the World Assoication of Community Radio Broadcasters is an international NGO for women working in the field of community radio. On January 17-19, 2007, AMARC will be participating in the third International Feminist Dialogues in Nairobi, Kenya. AMARC currently has 110 member countries and almost 3,000 members who are dedicated to the “right to communicate” as stated in the 1990 AMARC world conference in Dublin, Ireland.

AMARC’s Women’s International Network / WIN is a large assembly of women communicators working to ensure women’s rights to communicate through and within the international community radio movement.

* WIN works for women’s rights to communicate as a basic human right expressed through community radio.
* WIN supports women’s empowerment, gender equity, and a general improvement in the condition and position of women worldwide.
* WIN promotes women’s access to all levels of community radio, including decision making.
* WIN supports women’s efforts to express themselves within and beyond their communities, by providing training programs and production exchanges at the international and local level.
* WIN aims to change negative images of both women and men in the media and to challenge stereotypes being reproduced by media all around the world.
* WIN subscribes to the principles of the Beijing Platform for Action.

The current conference in Nairobi is called “Transforming Democracy: Feminist Visions and Strategies” will bring together 250 women to continue and deepen the global feminist discussion. The meeting takes place just before the World Social Forum, also in Nairobi, January 20-25. AMARC will be in attendence during the World Social Forum Nairobi 2007.

Radio Journalist from Nairobi, Kenya Producing Her Show – Image: Internews

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For more information about AMARC: http://www.amarc.org

Listen to radio shows around the globe hosted by AMARC.

Lys Anzia, rights journalist and editor-at-large for Women News Network, works through affiliations with WUNRN – Women’s UN Report Network, as well as other NGO agencies and affiliates. As an American historical playwright, Lys is currently finishing a true to life stagescript based on a secret flying lesson Amelia Earhart gave Eleanor Roosevelt in 1933. Lys is also a radio broadcast journalist for WINGS – Women’s International News Gathering Network.

-Sources for this article include the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, the World Social Form in Nairobi, Kenya and AMARC – Women’s International Network.

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