Iran government at odds over Sarah Shourd

WNN Breaking
20 September, 2010

Government infighting in the IRI – Islamic Republic of Iran on the recent release date and conditions for Sarah Shourd reveals that all may not be well for the stability in the leadership inside the country.

While IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was staging a grand public ceremony at the Presidential Palace on the release of Sarah Shourd, Ahmadinejad’s conservative contemporaries on the judiciary, loyal to Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei and, lately, often against the policies of Ahmadinejad, were planning something different for Sarah.

Before Shourd was to be released Tehran chief prosecutor, Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi of the IRI judiciary, asked that a $500,000 bond be paid in full. While the bond amount is considered large, it also considered a customary amount charged before the release of many political prisoners who are currently incarcerated at Evin Prison.

Making plans to bring Sarah to the Presidential Palace to celebrate her release, Ahmadinejad’s ceremony was shot down quickly by Iran’s judiciary. It is thought that the IRI president was hoping to smooth his September 23, 2010 visit to the United States and the U.N. by offering to host a Presidential Palace ceremony event of Shourd’s release.

Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York’s U.N. General Assembly did not go smoothly though. During his speech, the U.S. delegation to the U.N. walked out  as Ahmadinejad outlined his theory that the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. were only U.S. conspired.

“Some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the (9/11) attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grips on the Middle East, in order to save the (Israeli) Zionist regime,” insisted the IRI president.

After being jailed in solitary confinement for more than one year, exactly “410 days” according to Sarah Shourd’s mother Nora, Sarah’s release became part of mediated efforts to pay her bond on the part of the office of Sultan Quaboos, of Oman, who is considered both an international friend to the U.S. and Iran.

After a quick journey to Oman to give thanks to Sultan Quaboos and other officials working though the sultan’s office, Sarah walked off her plane arriving in the U.S. at 6:30 am Sunday, September 19, at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. On the same day, Iran president Moumood Ahmadinejad, arrived in New York to speak at the United Nations.

“I walked out of prison with my spirit bruised but unbroken,” said Sarah.

“We’re very glad that that lady was released. (Due) to the humanitarian perspective the Islamic Republic chose to adopt on the subject, she was released on bail. And we hope that the other two will soon be able to prove and provide evidence to the court that they had no ill intention in crossing the border, so that their release can also be secured,” said Ahmadinejad in a formal statement to the Associated Press.

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who were both also arrested by IRI security, along with Sarah, under the false charges of “espionage,” and who are still in Evin Prison, were hiking in a beautiful mountainous region in northern Iraq close to the border of Iran when they were arrested for allegedly crossing the border between Iraq and Iran.