PODCAST: Interview with woman Kurdish rights activist

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Kurdistan woman - Hurfa
Hurfa, an elder woman of Kurdistan, 2006. Image: Barbara Millucci

(Esra Al Shafei, founder of MideastYouth.com) “I had the pleasure of interviewing Nuha Serrac, an active defender of Kurdish human rights. Nuha has been with us at the Alliance for Kurdish Rights for more than a year exposing human rights violations of the Kurdish people throughout the Middle East and urging people to take action. We are extremely proud of Nuha’s work and her continued dedication.” Kurdish women have a history of strong leadership and activism. Even in the face of inequality Kurdish women are known in society for standing up against adversity. Kurdish women who live in the global diaspora today face innumerable discriminations as they try to find work, respect and position in societies outside Iraqi Kurdistan.

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Producer: Esra’a Al Shafei


Podcast Date: May 6, 2010

Length: 5:01 min


Background: Divided within four separate regions of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey today’s Kurdish people suffer without formal international recognition in the region known as Kurdistan, while they are one of the largest global groups seeking their own national state. Kurdish women have a long history of great strength, leadership and activism, although many women today suffer from domestic violence, unfair marriages and struggles in equality within Kurdish society. Honor violence against Kurdish women has been an ongoing cause for Kurdish women activists. Kurds who have become part of the diaspora commonly face extreme discrimination, especially in Turkey where struggles for equality inside Turkish society continue.

Humanitarian cyber-activist, Esra’a Al Shafei, is the Bahraini founder and director of MideastYouth.com, an innovative digital network that aims to encourage conversation across the borders of religion, ethnicity and nation as they give freedom of speech to everyone, especially to the youth of the Middle East and the North African regions.

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