Ending Discrimination of Immigrants in Ireland

Assisting Ireland’s Immigrants


Josephine Ahern
Josephine Ahern, head of the new Immigrants Integration Centre in Ireland

This interview with Josephine Ahern head of the Integration and Social Inclusion Centre of Ireland (ISICI). In this interview Josephine talks about the work that is needed to stop racism and discrimination of immigrants and refugees in Ireland and what Irish laws and policies are doing and not-doing to help.

Radio Voices Without Frontiers – AMARC


Show Producer: AMARC radio

Date: March 21, 2010

Length: 13 min



The ISICI works as a brand new extended branch of the Refugee Information Service (RIS) which has expertise in giving information, advice referral and advocacy service in the areas of protection and integration of Ireland’s immigrant population. Over the years, the RIS has offered protection of immigrants as it has assisted clients through its clinic-based work, email and telephone services with the asylum process, direct provision, rights and entitlements, appeals, subsidiary protection, and humanitarian permissions to remain in the state of Ireland.

The RIS also assists Refugees, people with leave to remain and people with subsidiary protection with integration particularly on issues of family reunification, access to education, employment, anti-racism and in facilitating intercultural activities and creating a shared forum between members of new and existing communities.

It is the opinion of RIS that these issues form the cornerstone of a person’s ability to integrate into their new community. An example of the work that RIS does in this area is the regional forum’s that are held between employers and job seekers from the migrant community. This platform allows for a discussion of the issues regarding integration into the work place. Efforts for integration cannot be something taken on exclusively by migrants, it needs to be a nationwide effort, reaching out to all facets of society.


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