Is Technology the Best Tool for Human Rights?

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Judith Dueck, Ben Peterson, Adrian Bradbury and Walther Lichem discuss the use of new digital communication technology and advanced information systems as supportive tools, or not, for human rights.

Advances in new media and digital technology, like advances in the use of digital tools by agencies such as, have helped many campaigns reach much larger audiences. Video and podcast are helping us document rights violations ‘up-close’ today worldwide. Human Rights Watch, through their Urgent Action Requests, is also one of the new digital rights world teams that are bringing together on-the-ground information documentation to fight for greater human dignity and freedom.

Founder, Judith Dueck talks about her online information documentation program, Huridocs, and how they are helping countless human rights groups and agencies map human rights data through the use of new digital technology. Factual and detailed documentation  of human rights abuse worldwide is changing our world. . .


Human Rights and Social Justice Conference

Producer: University of Winnipeg Global College – Human Rights & Global Studies / Canada

Guests: Judith Dueck, Ben Peterson, Adrian Bradbury, Walther Lichem

Date: February 23-25, 2007

Length: 95:35 min

Background: In addition to Judith Dueck — Ben Peterson, Adrian Bradbury and Walther Lichem add their wisdom and experience in global development and action campaigns and share their success in using digital tech tools.

Does technology play a significant role in protecting human rights worldwide?

Many systemic genocides and acts of mass violence across the globe have been unrecorded, keeping criminals in place and in power. Using tech tools can make a difference to mitigate abuses, mediate conflicts and bring to justice those who have committed crimes against humanity.

Are those who are the “most vulnerable” to human rights atrocity also those who have little to no access to communication technology? How is this changing? Can digital technology work when this may be the case?

Journalist Ben Peterson, founder of Journalists for Human Rights, shares how civil society governments, leaders and average citizen members on-the-ground can be engaged in human rights issues by using new communication tools to expose human rights abuses.

Adrian Bradbury, co-founder of GuluWalk  and founder for Athletes for Africa, adds more about his campagins and the global future for human rights technologies and how we can relate to key issues good and bad.

Former Austrian Ambassador to Canada, and part of the 2011 Executive Committee for IPS News Agency, Walther Lichem, talks about how our new world is changing in its use of digital technology with human rights media working to reach the world through digital publishing on what he calls a, “horizon of hope.”

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