The problem with crime against women in Delhi

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Why is Delhi India’s most dangerous city
for women?

Jason Burke – The Guardian News – Tuesday, 22 February, 2011

Delhi is known for many things. There is the chaotic traffic, the stunning Mughal-era monuments, the street food, the burgeoning cultural scene that sees a steady stream of European designers and artists heading east in search of inspiration. There is poverty, of course, and the hubris that is the right of every emerging power. And then there is an element that, at least in the west, is less often heard about: the endemic sexual violence.

Almost every day, local newspapers carry stories covering the latest incidents of rape or harassment. In a metropolis with a population of between 12 and 18 million, depending on whether satellite towns are counted, some such cases are inevitable but the recent wave of violence against women has provoked a spate of outraged reports. “Who will stop them?” asked the Hindustan Times earlier this month as it reported that Delhi had seen 25 cases of rape, including several brutal gang rapes, and 42 “molestations” in the last month. One English-language local newspaper ran the banner headline of “Shame on Delhi Men”.

“The dazzling streets of Delhi hide a dark truth,” it said, publishing the results of a poll revealing that 66% of the capital’s women were molested between two and five times last year and that 70% of men “looked the other way” when it happened. . .

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