Life Expectancy Of U.S. Women Trails International Community

Meghan Casserly – Forbes – Friday, 24 June, 2011 (originally published 22 June)

Misssissippi county with lowest life-expectancy for women
Mississippi county showing lowest life-expectancy for women. Image: Forbes

While women in the U.S. may have the benefits of free speech, voting and driving rights, American women lag behind our international sisters on many fronts.

Pay parity. According to the World Economic Forum’s report on global gender equality in the workforce, the U.S. ranks at No. 19, behind South Africa and the Philippines, among others.

Maternity and childcare benefits. More than 120 nations provide paid maternity leave to its working citizens. The U.S. isn’t among them.

Oh, and life expectancy. A new study shows that not only are we trailing rival industrialized nations in terms of women’s lifespans, but some U.S. women are dying younger than in nations such as Vietnam and Syria. . .

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