Woman in Quake-hit Pakistan

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Veiled woman showing only her eyes
UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, had made it possible to get maternity facilities up and running in a short time with the use of their Mobile Units. Garhi Habibullah, Kashmir, Pakistan, Saturday, 22 October 2005. Image: Evan Schneider/UN Photo

Earthquake victim is cared for in mobile maternity unit.

One of the victims of the 8 October earthquake in Pakistan able to use the maternity facilities provided by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), through the agency’s use of its Mobile Units, pictured today in Garhi Habibullah, Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. UNFPA is also providing other services for women and children, such as handing out vitamins and amino acids. This is critical as the whole hospital was destroyed.  In this Mobile Unit, 120 patients are seen per day.

22 October 2005
Garhi Habibullah, Pakistan
Image:Evan Schneider/UN Photo


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