Hundreds of women burn their coverings in street protest against brutal Yemeni regime

Daily Mail Reporter – Daily Mail – Thursday, 27 October 2011 (originally published 26 Oct)

Women burning veils
Protesting: Yemeni women burn their veils during a demonstration demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa. Image: Hani Mohammmed/AP

The women in Yemen have taken a key role in the uprising against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s authoritarian rule that erupted in March, inspired by other Arab revolutions. 

Hundreds of Yemeni women have set fire to a pile of female face and body veils on a main street in the capital Sanaa to protest the government’s brutal crackdown against the country’s popular uprising.

The women spread a black cloth across a main street and threw their full-body veils, known as makrama, onto a pile, sprayed it with oil and set it ablaze. As the flames rose, they chanted: ‘Who protects Yemeni women from the crimes of the thugs?’ . . .

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