LinkedIn Report: Women without a Mentor

Emily Jasper – Forbes – Friday, 28 October 2011 (originally published 25 Oct)

Two women are prepared to speak on a microphone
Two sucessful young women take part in the awards to the United States (1st place) and Saudi Arabia (2nd place) given for the Fossil of the Day Award at the UN Climate Talks in Panama on Tuesday, October 4th. Fossil of the Day is awarded to countries who do their best in the fight against climate change. Image: Adopt a negotiator

Everyone should have mentors. It only helps you in your career (and life) if you have someone who can share their own experiences, learnings, and battle scars with you. You won’t avoid mistakes, but the idea here is that you may be able to avoid making the mistakes they made. Women also can benefit from having champions and sponsors, especially in their professional careers. Those people go to bat for you and help you navigate tricky organizations.

However, people just don’t utilize mentors the way they should. For many, it can feel like there just isn’t anyone out there to help. Some wait for a relationship to happen organically. Others might look for a mentor with too specific experiences and end up missing out on the great people they to whom they could already be connected.

Nearly one out of every five women in the United States does not have a mentor . . .

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