Justice Delayed for Forced Sterilization Victims in Peru

Carla Salazar & Frank Bajak – The Ledger – Mondy, 20 February 2012 (originally published 14 Feb)

Aurelia Paccohuanca talking in a interview with another sterilization victim looking on
Aurelia Paccohuanca talks during an interview in Lima, Peru. Paccohuanca, who heads the Association of Women Affected by Forced Sterilization in Cuzco, says she was among the victims of forced sterilization 15 years ago shortly after the birth of her fourth child. Image: Martin Mejia/The Associated Press

LIMA, Peru | It was 1996 when Micaela Flores and 15 other women from Peru’s highlands accepted an ambulance ride to a Cuzco clinic, lured by the offer of a free medical checkup.

But when they arrived, the clinic’s doors were locked behind them.

“?‘We’re going to make a small incision,’?” Flores, now 54, said she was told. When she resisted, the mother of seven said health workers tied her feet and hands and anesthetized her . . .

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