Op-Ed: In Armenian Nation, Men Must Take On Gender Equality

Guest Author – Ianyan – Friday, 16 March 2012 (originally published 15 Mar)

Women selling fruit
Women sell fruit at an open market in Vanadzor, in Armenia's northern Lori province. Image: © K. Shamlian/ianyanmag

The Armenian Nation is a complex and curious one. Where once regarded as disjointed, the nation should be characterized as Homeland and Diaspora in constant communion with one another. Armenia is what we’ve come to call this transnational minority. Despite any divisions set by borders, the nation is preserved.

In this nation, the stories of the unknown and unimportant are often torn from the roots and lose meaning as they pass through the filters of ideology and dogma.

The filters we use to construct our cultural, historical, and national narrative often mask the great individual moments of many and pose them as a creation of the few. The narrative of a people is a reflection of the internal power-structure of that tribe . . .

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