Becoming an abuse statistic in patriarchal India

Nita Bhalla – BBC – Thursday, 22 March 2012 (originally published 19 Mar)

Portrait of Nita Bhalla
Journalist Nita Bhalla covers women's issues in South Asia. Image: BBC

Journalist Nita Bhalla recounts the lingering scars – physical and mental – from an assault on her and draws a wider lesson about violence against women in patriarchal India.

I stand in front of the mirror, surveying my face and body – still in shock at how it could have happened to me.

Six days on, the swelling on the right side of my face which he banged into the wall has subsided, the bruise under my right eye where he punched me has turned deep purple and those on my arms and legs where he grabbed and kicked me are fading . . .

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