Women farmers share encouragement and wisdom

Ariana Kramer – Tao News – Thursday, 17 May 2012 (originally published 13 May)

Woman preparing food
Melissa Kanter cuts into her homemade raspberry rhubarb pie inside the main house. Heidi one of the family cats uses the kitchen staircase as a perch. Imgae: Tina Larkin

Since 2010, a group of women farmers have been meeting informally to share information and encourage one another in the arts of growing, preserving, seed saving, beekeeping, milking goats and related enterprises.

They call themselves Taos County Women Farmers Group. Melissa Kanter is one of the original five members of the group which has now grown to over 30 members.

Kanter moved to Taos when she was a young woman. She grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and aside from a few strawberry plants her mother grew alongside her flower gardens, Kanter was not exposed to food gardening.

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