China releases woman sent to labor camp for protesting daughter’s rape

Had her appeal not been upheld, Tang faced over a year of hard labor, possibly in a sewing workshop like this one at a prison in Chongqing municipality, China. The prisons have been routinely criticized for inhumane treatment and terrible conditions. Image: China Photos/Getty Images

Alex Pearlman – Global Post – Thursday, 16 August 2012 (originally published 11Aug)

After a woman was sentenced to a labor camp for protesting leniency for her daughter’s rapist, Chinese authorities bent to public pressure and released her.

When her 11-year-old daughter was kidnapped, raped and forced into prostitution in 2006, Tang Hui (a pseudonym being widely used in the media) was irate with the way the case was handled.

The case brought a flurry of criticism from citizens on the internet, who took to blogs and microblogging site Weibo, as well as in mainstream, state-run media, and China has apparently acquiesced today, releasing Tang after reviewing her appeal . . .

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