INDIA: Those with more power in society create more femicide

Rita Banerji – WNN SOAPBOX

Images of India
Images of India show a diverse society. Rita Banerji says that it’s not the poor in India who have increased femicide in India but those who have ‘more power’ in society. Image: Robyn Jay

(WNN) Calcutta, INDIA: The biggest myth about India’s female genocide is that it’s caused by poverty and illiteracy. If so, we should see the worst gender ratio for girls among India’s poorest.

But as the Indian census shows, the best, indeed the most normal gender ratio is in India’s bottommost 20 percent! As education and wealth increases, even for women, the gender ratio worsens. It’s worst for India’s topmost 20 percent that are the wealthiest and most educated.

Indeed misogyny aquires more power in each strata with more education and wealth, and is able to inflict worse violence.
With regards to violent racism and the lynching of black men in the United States, civil rights activist Malcolm X had said, “A black man with a Ph.D. is still a ‘Nigger’.”

Indeed education and wealth does not prevent nor protect from wide-spread systemic, racist violence in any society. The same logic applies to female gendercide in India.

Education and wealth do not prevent, mitigate or protect from wide-spread, systemic, misogynistic violence.
Would the racial apartheid and extensive lynching of black men in the U.S. have lessened without the demand for accountability from the government, courts, police and the laws?

Does anyone really expect the female genocide in India – the infanticides, feticides, dowry murders, or honor killings, to stop without government accountability and the forceful implementation of laws for the protection of girls and women?


Rita Banerji was born and raised in India and has studied and lived in the United States for many years. She is currently based in Calcutta. Her writings and photography have been published in magazines and newspapers in the US, India, the U.K., Nepal and Hong Kong. Her writings have been published in The New Orleans Review, The London Magazine, India Today and Review-Asia. In 2009 her book by Penguin publishing, “Sex and Power.,” was placed on as the number one best-seller and long-listed for the Crossword-Vodaphone Non-fiction book award. Banerji also received the Apex Award for Magazine and Journal Writing (U.S.A.) in 2009. For more on Rita Banerji visit her Twitter @Rita_Banerji or see The 50 Million Missing Campaign.


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