Pakistani Woman Makes It Big as New York Chef

Fatima Ali talking about her role as a sou chef.
Sou chef, Fatima Ali. Image: Azhar Fateh

Azhar Fateh – Voice of America – Tuesday, 18 Semptember 2012 (originally published 14 Sept)

NEW YORK — Few women make it into the top ranks of chefs in New York City.  It’s even harder for women who are not U.S. citizens, but one young Pakistani woman has broken this barrier.

Fatima Ali is the sous – or assistant – chef at the famous Café Centro in Midtown Manhattan.  She is also one of the very few Pakistani women to graduate from America’s top culinary institute, the Culinary Institute of Arts.

But what makes Ali even rarer, according to a VOA survey, is that she may be the only non-American female chef in any of 70 top New York restaurants . . .

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