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Image on book for 2012 Fotoevidence winner Alex Masi

This is the cover of photographer Alex Masi’s book, “Bhopal Second Disaster,” published as the winner of the 2012 FotoEvidence Book Award. The book was released in October 2012 in conjunction with an exhibit of his and the four finalists work at the VII Photo Gallery in New York city. Talented photographers who have documented social injustice are now being asked to send in their submissions for next year’s 2013 FotoEvidence Book Award. Image: FotoEvidence

(WNN) New York, NEW YORK, U.S.: The 2013 FotoEvidence documentary photo competition is now open for submissions as the award headquarters in New York has recently announced an impressive list of jury members for the 2013 FotoEvidence Book Award. The star jury for the photography book award includes: Maggie Steber, Jean- Francois Leroy, Patrick Witty and Olivier Laurent, along with FotoEvidence Founder and Publisher Svetlana Bachevanova.

“The annual FotoEvidence Book Award will recognize a documentary photographer whose project demonstrates “courage and commitment in addressing a violation of human rights, a significant injustice or an assault on human dignity,” says the organizers of the award.

The selected project will be published in book form, as part of a series of FotoEvidence books dedicated to the work of global photographers whose commitment and courage create and build the awareness of global and local social injustice.

“I am proud that such notable members of the documentary photography community will bring their expertise to the 2013 FotoEvidence Book Award jury,” says Founder Bachevanova of Fotoevidence.

Juror and international award-winner Maggie Steber, who’s work in Haiti brought her two major grants, has worked around the world for the Associated Press and National Geographic. Her photo images have appeared in numerous magazines including Life magazine, the New Yorker, Smithsonian magazine, People, Newsweek, Time, among others.

FotoEvidence 2013 Book Award juror, Maggie Steber

FotoEvidence 2013 Book Award juror, Maggie Steber. Image: FotoEvidence

It is sometimes uncertain how much the hard issues will change no matter how big the hope for the world, but hopefully photography can make a lasting difference, says Steber candidly.

“It is puzzling that no matter how much, how long and how faithfully certain issues are covered by the press and by those dedicated to documenting these issues, they rarely seem to be resolved,” said Steber to WNN – Women News Network. “We continue to deal with hunger, domestic abuse, poverty, lack of access to water, slaughter of animals that are key to human survival as well as their own, political corruption, wars, mental illness and more issues than can be named here.  Photographers are driven to cover these issues because they never go away.  It is the frustrating thing about humans–that even after centuries of enduring these things, we do not learn.  We do not change and it can be said we even make things worse,” she added.

Steber’s work for National Geographic Covering the African slave trade, the Cherokee Nation and soldiers’ letters home have offered viewers a glimpse into lives that push forward in spite of hardship.

“The challenge before us now is figuring out how to continue to cover these issues of urgent importance and even more, how to make new kinds of images that might capture the attention and hearts of the viewer. It is critical that we continue to cover issues of social injustice because these images might be the very thing that provide the catalyst for change,” continued Steber.

Deadline for photographer submissions for the 2013 Fotoevidence Book Award competition is January 15, 2013. The Book Award winner and up to four other selected finalists will be exhibited on the FotoEvidence web site and at a gallery exhibition in New York City during the fall of 2013.

“Photographers may not be heroes but we can make heroic images and a heroic effort to make the world a better place,” outlined Steber.


2012 WNN – Women News Network
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