[Pakistan] Gender-based violence: ‘Make violence against women cognizable offence’

Shamsul Islam – Express Tribune – Thursday, 29 November 2012
Woman sitting on floor with her head down
Rally participants chanted slogans in support of recognition of women’s rights and against gender-based violence and discrimination.. Image: Express Tribune File
FAISALABAD:Participants of a rally taken out to condemn violence against women urged the government to pass legislation against domestic violence and violence perpetuated by the state machinery to make it a cognisable offence.

The rally, Protect Women against Violence, was taken out by the Peace and Human Development (PHD) Foundation and the Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation (AWAM) in collaboration with several non government organisations including the Aitbar Foundation, CARE Foundation. The rally marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, observed on November 25. It was led by PML-N MNA Khalida Mansoor.
The participants held placards and banners criticising various forms of physical, sexual, emotional and economic violence in the family, community and that are perpetrated or condoned by the state in the form of anti-women laws and customary practices against women . . .

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