6 Women Entrepreneurs To Watch Empowering People Through Crowdfunding Platforms: Piggybackr, SoMoLend, Indiegogo GiveForward, Kiva, Catapult

Angie Chang – Forbes – Friday, 28 December 2012 (originally published 21 Dec)

Andrea Lo
Andrea Lo (Founder & CEO, Piggybackr) Image: Forbes

Empowering people by crowdfunding hopes and dreams – for a better future.

A diversity of crowdfunding platforms have emerged to serve unique markets – from students (Piggybackr) to people who are raising money to pay exorbitant medical bills (GiveForward). Everyone is empowered to raise money on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and get small businesses off the ground in a third-world countries via Kiva.

Check out these 6 female founders to watch building solutions to help crowdfund the dreams of the next generation . . .

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