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The Guardian (News) Development Network / via IRIN – Monday 7 January, 2013

Mothers and children in Swaziland, Africa region

A majority of Swazi children are raised by single mothers or by their grandmothers, according to Thabsile Ndwandwe, of the Swaziland Single Mothers Association. Photograph: James Hall/IRIN

Activists look to the country’s traditions as a route to recognition of their contribution and a return to equality

Women in Swaziland are organising to promote their rights and welfare, convinced that discriminatory laws are at odds with the essential roles they play in their families and in their country’s economy.

“We are taking a page from the past to achieve the recognition Swazi women deserve as the ones who keep this society going. It is a scandal how the authorities refuse to take women seriously when we are holding the country together,” said Cynthia Simelane, an activist who works with female garment workers at the Matsapha Industrial Site, outside the city of Manzini.

The Swaziland Coalition of Concerned Civil Organisations has noted that the Swazi government has signed various international accords pledging to end gender discrimination, but it has never enacted legislation to put those pledges into action. . .

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