Nepali women seek to balance economic participation

Kamala Gautam – – Tuesday, 15 January 2013 (originally published 08 Jan)

Nepali woman navigating across traffick
Nepalese women are increasingly well-educated, and nearly 50 percent are participating in formal economic activities. Yet household work still falls almost exclusively to them. Some young couples are moving from multi-generational to nuclear households to escape traditional gender roles. Image: Kamala Gautam/GPI

KATHMANDU, Nepal (GPI)–Pratima Pokharel, 65, a resident of a rural district in Nepal’s Eastern region, coughs hard.

She married her husband at the age of 15. She was in grade four. A life of hard work followed, she says.

Pokharel gave birth to three children. As she raised them, she also managed to attain a Bachelor of Arts from Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, the women’s college under Tribhuvan University . . .