Recipe for [global women] empowerment

Deccan Chronicle – Tuesday, 12 March 2013 (originally published 07 Mar)

Many women with their arms in the air and wearing One Billion Rising T-shirts
Image: Deccan Chronicle

One Billion Rising, a global act of women protesting vio­lence, was observed this year on February 14. Women all around the world got together to hold events, from India to Afghanistan to the United States and South Africa.

The intent of the effort — spearheaded by playwright and activist Eve Ensler — was to bring women together in a way that underlined the commonality of their problems in a world where their differences are often the basis of identity.

Reclaiming global solidarity for women is indeed an important age­nda. One consequence of the post-national age has been the erosion of the roles of international institutions as harbingers of change . . .

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