Zanele Muholi, South African Photographer, Highlights Lesbians, Transgender Women

Glennisha Morgan – Huffington Post – Tuesday, 26 March 2013 (originally published 18 Mar)
Vuyelwa Makubets. Image: Zanele Muholi
Vuyelwa Makubets. Image: Zanele Muholi

South African photographer and activist Zanele Muholi puts the spotlight on her nation’s lesbian and transgender community in her new exhibit, “Faces and Phases.”

Muholi captured the subjects and their unique stories in black and white to give the collection “a timeless feel.” She says she wants to use the images to educate people, influence South African policy and to inspire others to share their stories.

“The message that I wanted to share with the people is that you can’t change the laws without changing the image,” she told Huff Post Gay Voices. “You need to change the image in order to educate people. My work instills visual activism. It’s one thing to theorize about LGBT rights, but it something to visualize the people that you are talking about” . . .

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