Kickstarter film campaign reveals unknown holocaust heroes

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Image from the Jewish Holocaust Germany
A photo from the film “Two Who Dared: The Sharp’s War” is part of the historical archive of Jewish Holocaust images from Europe that show the pervasive and destructive German Nazi policy against Jews during World War II. Image: A Journey to Freedom production

(WNN) Sherborn, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: A new Kickstarter campaign is working to bring history and human rights to the table as the grandson of two heroes who rescued Jews and non-Jews alike during Germany’s Nazi-lead holocaust is hoping to raise money to set up a wide distribution base for a documentary film called, “Two Who Dared: The Sharp’s War.”

Artemis Joukowsky’s grandparents didn’t consider themselves heroes, but they changed the course of history nonetheless. When a grandmother revealed her true story to her grandson covering the events in 1940 Germany, a new story of heroism has come to light.

The Kickstarter campaign currently has 61 backers with 26 days left to go. The goal is to reach $25,000 by May 20, 2013.

“When I was 14-years-0ld and in the fifth grade I was asked by my history teacher to interview someone of moral courage. I went home and asked my mother who she thought I should talk to and she said ‘Go talk to your grandmother. She went to Europe during World War II and she helped people escape’. So I interviewed my grandmother and learned the story that is the heart of our movie ‘Two Who Dared’,” said filmmaker Artemis Joukowsky.

Set to reach Eastern Europe in February 1939, Martha and her husband Waitsill, a young Unitarian minister from Boston, left for Czechoslovakia on a refugee mission. They didn’t know then that the road ahead would be paved with danger and intrigue. Having set up a secretive network of volunteers and agencies to secure the safe passage of both Jews and non-Jews out of Prague, those working, including the Sharps, with the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia worked swiftly just a step in front of the Nazis.

The task became difficult when on March 15, 1939 the Nazis entered Prague. For the next five months the Sharps continued their work undaunted by the presence of the Gestapo and the possibility that they would be arrested or killed. In August 1939, the couple left Prague and headed back to the United States, barely escaping arrest.

Only 10 months later, the Sharps returned to Europe on their second mission, setting up a refugee office in Lisbon, Portugal. Eventually, they made their way to Nazi-controlled France, to find ways to help refugees escape. In an elaborate plan, the Sharps helped a renowned German-Jewish author, Lion Feuchtwanger, and his wife escape to New York via Spain. Finally, in December 1940, after rescuing a plethora of people from the horrors of Nazi persecution, Waitstill and Martha Sharp returned to the United States.

Told from the personal point of view of Martha, and her husband Waitsill, the film draws on their recorded interviews, letters and unpublished memoirs. It also includes interviews with children rescued during the Jewish holocaust, as well as interviews with noted scholars.

“I’m very excited to introduce you to the ‘Two Who Dared’ education curriculum we’ve developed with Facing History and Ourselves, reaching over 2 million students this curriculum will invite students to do their own research; will have students investigating the stories of Martha and Waitstill Sharp; and invite students to really look at what would  it take to ‘dare’ to help others,” said Joukowsky on Kickstarter.


Working to bring an important yet unknown story of two holocaust rescuers to the public, filmmaker and grandson Artemis Joukowsky is working to raise money on Kickstarter. This trailer for the film is riveting in its detail and research.  This March 23, 2013 film trailer release on Youtube is a production by A Journey to Freedom Productions with producers Artemis Joukowsky II, Charlie Clements and Matthew Justus for Two Who Dared: The Sharp’s War.


For more information on this campaign go over to KICKSTARTER


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