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Seoul, South Korea food vender
A street food vendor in Seoul, South Korea sells each day in the same location. Image: Marie Webb

(WNN) Seoul, KOREA, EASTERN ASIA: Everyone in Seoul knows that the historic area of Jongno is home to hundred of street food stands. Of course there is street food throughout Korea, but Jongno has the most variety from standard Korean soju tents, to doughnuts and waffles.

So what is street food? Basically street food is anything sold from a little stand on the sidewalk. Most of them are big and have wheels so that they can be moved.

They vary in size, some are large enough to have people sit down inside of a plastic-like awning, and others simply provide shelter for the cook. These stalls are pretty much mini kitchens on wheels.

Everyday on my walk to work in Jongno, I see street carts being pushed out to their designated spots on the sidewalk. Some stands are open all day, and others open later in the evening to serve the soju crowd. The best time to go street food tasting is on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. On these nights every street food stand will be cooking the night away in Jongno.

Most of these stands are affordable such as 500 Korean won for doughnuts. But others such as tempura prawns can run you 5,000 won for 3 pieces. The best thing to do when hunting out street food is to start slow and work your way in a circle around the street. This way you get the chance to see everyone’s prices and can choose wisely before getting too full!

Directions to “street food heaven” in Jongno- Simply exit number 1 of Jongno 3 sam-ga and turn right at the Skin Food just past the Mc Donald’s (on your right hand side). This street will take you past numerous street food vendors and straight into Insadong.


Food and culture blogger Marie Webb graduated from Loyola Marymount University. Currently she teaches English in Seoul, South Korea, a region and a people she has grown to love.


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