Lebanese women race towards empowerment

Reuters –  Al Arabiya – Friday, 31 May 2013 (originally published 26 May)

Thousands of women take part in a race
Thousands of women take part in a 10 kilometer race in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The race aims to raise awareness about female rights and issues within Lebanese society. Image: Reuters

Thousands of woman raced on the streets of Beirut on Sunday in a competition entitled ‘‘You are really strong’’, just a few hours after two rockets hit a Beirut suburb – a reminder of the volatile political situation in the country.

But the women put politics aside and many of them ran the 10 kilometer stretch on Beirut’s waterfront to raise awareness for a number of causes that matter to Lebanese women from healthcare issues to demands for new legislation to give women more rights.

The race was organized by the Beirut Marathon Organization which holds the annual marathon in Beirut as well as other community-based challenges and races across the country for a number of charitable causes . . .

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