[Nepal] Going to school, instead of work

Betsy Anderson – CNN – Tuesday, 04 June 2013 (originally published 22 May)

Girl dressed in full burque  standing with mountain view
To be born a girl in Afghanistan is often to be ushered into a life of servitude, where girls have very little worth and very dim futures. Amina is forced to marry at 12, to bear a child though still a child herself — while her own brother is given her dowry money to buy a used car. But Amina, whose name was changed and story portrayed by an actress out of concern for her safety, has had enough, and she is fighting back. CNN Films’ “Girl Rising,” airing June 16, tells the stories of Amina and other girls from around the world and how the power of education can change the world. Learn more about the girls’ inspiring stories.

(CNN) — Purnima lives in Nepal. She wants to be a nurse. But because she is a girl instead of a boy, she is more likely to go to work than go to school.

In Nepal, government schools start charging tuition in the sixth grade. But Purnima was selected to be part of the Girls Education program with the nonprofit Room to Read and was able to continue her education.

“I am the first person getting an education in my family and my brother and sisters did not get the chance due to our family background … we are from a poor family so we cannot afford to go to school,” says Purnima . . .

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