Gang of girls: Three sisters overcome odds to reach out to women in Nepal

Joanna Lobo  – DNA – Tuesday, 11 June 2013 (originally published 08 Jun)

Three sisters walking together
Image: DNA

Once upon a time there were three sisters. They grew up in the cooler climes of Darjeeling. Their was a large family — five brothers and their parents. They were very attached to their father, a timber merchant and business man, who believed that the only priority for women was education.

Once he passed away, the bereaved sisters moved out of the country and settled in Nepal. There, they travelled to every little corner of the country, observing and learning the culture. They were shocked at what they saw, especially the state of the women.
Husbands of most of the women were in Indian or other urban areas for work. The women were alone and had the huge responsibility of bringing up their families. They had no access to medical aid, education or basic facilities . . .