Women use Facebook to speak out against Italy’s fallen leader Berlusconi

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Women protest against Berlusconi Netherlands
Women living the Netherlands protest on the streets of Amsterdam against the then Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi on December 5, 2009. This shows that the former Italian prime minister has been reviled for years by numerous women worldwide. Image: Jos van Zelten

(WNN) Milan, ITALY, WESTERN EUROPE: Charged with abuse of office after years of hiding a sexual relationship with a minor Italy’s fallen 76-year-old leader Silvio Berlusconi continues to deny all charges made against him. As a seasoned politician, Berlusconi successfully won the heart of Italy’s political momentum through the office of Italy’s prime minister: 3 times over a period of 17 years, from 1994 to 2011.

In spite of the most recent sentence that was handed down to the fallen leader on Monday, Berlusconi continues to declare his innocence in public. Now he’s using social media, specifically Facebook, to declare his innocence.

“I was convinced that I would be absolved because there was really no chance to condemn me,” outlined Italy’s former prime minister today on his Facebook page.  “In trying to eliminate me from the political life of this country, this judgement of incredible violence never seen or heard is being handed down,” he continued.

Paying what Italian investigations have revealed was $100,000 to allegedly pay-off 30 women who had first-hand knowledge of the sex-scandal and cover-up in what critics have called ‘his clandestine relationship’ with then 17-year-old Ruby Rubacuori, a Moroccan-born nightclub dancer, Berlusconi has now been sentenced by Milan’s Court to be bared from political office for the rest of his life. The sentence also includes 7 years in prison for abuse of office, charges of extortion and covering up a crime.

This most recent sentence has not come soon enough though for the former Italian leader’s critics, especially women, many who have watched for years as the Berlusconi became embroiled in one public scandal after another.

“You have ruined the new generations and wiped out the sacrifices of our fathers and our grandfathers!” says Ms. Dominga Battaglia, a young Italian woman in a comment on Facebook following the former prime minister’s declaration of his innocence.

“I hope you are also condemned for the rest of your crimes! And the only one for which you are not yet been tried: destroying in twenty years the identity of a country,” says Ms. Lele Santangelo on Facebook from Cantania, Italy.

On the wake of continued acts in charges made against the Italian leader that have included rape, 5,000 of Italy’s women showed up on the streets of Palermo, Sicily in February 2011 to protest in force. They weren’t alone, over  230 other Italian cities also held rallies at the same time, with the largest gathering in Rome.

This wasn’t the first time the women of Italy brought their anger to the public about the actions of their then prime minister. 17 years of Berlusconi working for what many have conveyed are “gains” in public office have been enough.

“…who can understand you more than us Italians. An incredible violence: people who committed suicide because they lost everything, people homeless and without money for spending, young people without a future, families living in fear and the elderly with pensions from Les Miserables … you’re right … that great injustices you suffered are the major problems you have,” says Ms. Gabriella Riva following up with her personal comment to Berlusconi after his statement was made on Facebook.

“It is shameful that what you have done!!! But you’ll give in sooner or later. Justice will be done … the real one!!!” added Ms. Cristina Berti in her Facebook comment to the former prime minister.

“A thug life. And unfortunately still on the loose. The law is not equal for everyone. …This is the real injustice,” says Ms. Stefania Guidotti in her statement on Facebook to Berlusconi.

In following the justice system of Italy, the appeal process for Berlusconi is not over now. He had 2 more chances to win in higher levels of court before his latest sentence under the abuse of the power of his office brings him to prison.

Charges of corruption have hounded the former Italian leader for years. According to a recent news release by VOA – Voice of America, Berlusconi is also facing charges for bribing a rival politician who was running for office against him.

The politician has also been charged and sentenced for alleged tax fraud involving Mediaset, a media company owned by the former primer minister. This important case comes with a tax-evasion sentence of 4 years in prison with a 5 year restricted sanction from running for any political office. After one appeal, this current case will be facing its final appeal in the high court of Corte di Cassazione in the next few months.

“…I intend to resist this persecution because I am absolutely innocent and I will not in any way give up my battle to make Italy a truly free and fair,” continued Berlusconi in his Facebook statement made in response to his most recent sentence covering his abuse of power and charges of having, and covering up, the witness trail on sex with a minor.


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