Protections For Women Under Threat In Afghanistan

Abubakar Siddique and  Qadir Habib – Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty – Wednesday, 26 June 2013 (originally published 24 Jun)

Women looking at wall with photos
Two Afghan women in Kabul walk past posters of presidential and provincial candidates ahead of elections in 2009. Image: RFE/RL

The book on the war in Afghanistan is not yet closed, but already there are attempts to erase one of the post-Taliban era’s most celebrated successes.

The participation of women in Afghanistan’s political process, a right that was restored and protected in the country’s new constitution and electoral law, has come under attack just as its government takes a bigger role in its own affairs.

Afghanistan’s House of Elders, the upper house of parliament, is currently debating a revised electoral law whose draft text omits passages that set aside 25 percent of seats on provincial and district councils for women . . .

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