Police act to halt sex harassment on London buses and trains

Jane Martinson – Guardian – Tuesday, 23 July 2013 (originally published 21 Jul)

Women on London underground
Passengers on the underground: a recent survey of commuters revealed one of their biggest fears was sexual harassment. Image: David Sillitoe for the Guardian

Victims of sexual assault and harassment are to be encouraged to come forward and report the crimes as part of a major scheme launching this week on London‘s transport networks.

In the first initiative of its kind of this size, all 2,000 officers who police the city’s public transport network – including the underground, overground trains and the buses – have been trained to deal with sexual offences. Up to 180 officers at a time are to be deployed at stations as part of Project Guardian.

Three women’s campaign groups – the End Violence against Women coalition, Hollaback and Everyday Sexism – were asked to help draft the guidelines and train staff after the police authorities studied a similar exercise in the Boston’s Massachusetts Bay transport authority . . .

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