‘Burka Avenger’ fights for Pakistani schools

Saba Eitizaz  – BBC News – Tuesday, 30 July 2013 (originally published 26 Jul)

Burka Avenger painting
Burka Avenger posters and merchandise have spread across Pakistan ahead of the series. Image: AP

Female cartoon superhero Burka Avenger is set to debut on Pakistani television next month. The country’s answer to Wonder Woman and Supergirl uses books and pens against bad guys trying to shut the girls’ school where she works. She is already making waves, as BBC Urdu’s Saba Eitizaz reports.

Pakistan’s first caped crusader is a burka-clad superhero who fights school-hating baddies by night and moonlights as a gentle, compassionate schoolteacher by day.

Burka Avenger has yet to launch on TV, but she is creating quite an impression in a country where female literacy is estimated at a grim 12% and the Taliban are continuing a campaign which has seen hundreds of girls’ schools blown up in the north-west . . .

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