Tanzania: Fishing – Isles’ Women Prove There Is Nothing to Stop Them

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Issa Yussuf – All Africa – Friday, 02 August 2013 (originally published 31 Jul)

Zanzibar — IN a bid to prove their strength and determination,ten women in Kikungwi coastal Village, about 48 Kilometres, South of the Zanzibar stone town have constructed their own houses without any help from their husbands.

By the village standard, the iron sheet roofed houses are good-looking, while the women are proud of having built the houses from their own initiative as fisherwomen, a rare success story for many women on the Spice Islands.

Once you are in Kikungwi Village, it is easy to notice that women are economically in competition with men including their husbands. Many women hate remaining at home waiting for men to bring food and other needs . . .

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