Column: It’s time to recognise Ireland’s women – starting with the naming of Dublin’s new bridge

Máire Devine – Journal ie – Tuesday, 06 August 2013 (originally published 05 Aug)

Ireland women
Image: Ollyy via Shutterstock

CÁ BHFUIL Mná na hEireann? What tributes does Dublin City have to women?  The time is long past for a sexual democracy in how we name and honour the women of Ireland in its capital city.

While there is a handful of extraordinary women whose contribution to Irish society have recognition, albeit not with equal billing to men, the ordinary extraordinary woman has no place in the annals of our history. Where were/are our women? Recent events would suggest that a sizeable portion of the male establishment prefers to keep them barefoot and pregnant. Still.

Recently, as part of a longstanding debate over official efforts to undo entrenched gender roles that pervade all countries, several major cities have considered the idea of striving for gender parity on signposts. This might seem a simple and frivolous measure but in some cities politicians have passed legislation that requires streets and public places be named for women until parity is reached with men . . .

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