[New Zealand] Muslim women rally for a rare council candidate

Cherie Howie – New Zealand Herald – Wednesday 21 August 2013 (originally published 18 Aug)

Anjum Rahman, Suad Guya, Khatra Omar, Aaminah Ghani, Sarah Ather, and Aasiya Ather pose for a picture
Anjum Rahman, centre with light scarf, with supporters, from left, Suad Guya, Khatra Omar, Aaminah Ghani, Sarah Ather and Aasiya Ather. Image: Stephen Barker

Anjum Rahman will never forget watching a man wave his fists in front of her as she drove down a street. She hadn’t done anything wrong – the Muslim mum-of-two was just wearing her headscarf.

Instances of verbal abuse followed the intimidating experience, as some Kiwis reacted angrily to Muslim protests about cartoons published in a Danish newspaper that depicted the prophet Muhammad in unflattering poses.

Six years on, things have changed. Rahman is running for Hamilton City Council and has knocked on hundreds of doors for her campaign. She’s even rallied fellow Muslim women to leaflet drop . . .

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