ILO Initiative Protects Women from Modern-Day Slavery

A Staff Reporter – India West – Wednesday, 11 September 2013 (originally published 08 September 2013)

Children protesters
File photo of Indian children shouting slogans during a protest in New Delhi in 2008 on the Global Day against Child Trafficking. Images: Getty Images

Over 100,000 girls and women in South Asia are set to benefit from a new initiative by the International Labor Organization and the UK Department for International Development, which aims to prevent trafficking within the region and to the Middle East. 

The Work in Freedom program, funded by UK aid, will focus on trafficking in domestic labor and the garment sector through known labor trafficking routes from Bangladesh, India and Nepal, to Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and India.

The head of the ILO Special Action Program on Forced Labor, Beate Andrees, said in a press release, “Trafficking reduces labor to a commodity and opens workers to the worst kind of abuses. Work in Freedom is a major step in helping to prevent women and girls being tricked and trapped into this situation” . . .

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