Fighting for justice, women in the military

Mark Klass – Auburn Reporter – Monday November 11, 2013 (published 06 Nov & last updated 08 Nov)

Vietnam woman veteran and advocate Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum, Vietnam veteran, author and psychotherapist, speaks to a gathering at her book launch event in Des Moines. Image: Mark Klaas/Auburn Reporter

It is protocol, not justice.

It is abusive, dishonorable, unacceptable.

Women serving in the military are raped and abused, and it needs to stop. Now, not later.

So says Auburn’s Sarah Blum.

Blum, a decorated Vietnam surgical nurse, served with the 25th Infantry Division in 1967 at the 12th Evacuation Hospital in bleeding South Vietnam at the height of the war.

Today she is an advocate for the rights of women in the military and a practicing psychotherapist. For more than 28 years she has worked with PTSD and trauma resolution.

Blum, 73, also is a noted author whose newly released book, “Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military” (Brown Sparrow Publishing), takes a hard, fine-grained look at the pervasive culture of violence and sexual abuse toward women in the U.S. military. . .

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