[UK women] Ten times as vulnerable

Craig Gilbert – London Community News – Friday, 17 January 2014 (originally published 14 Jan)

An dark alley
Women facing homelessness are 10 times more likely to lose their life in a violent attack than those in the general population, and seven times more likely than homeless men. Image: Mike Maloney

Susan MacPhail often reflects on a young aboriginal woman who once passed through the doors at My Sisters’ Place.

The “stunningly beautiful young woman” who came to London from a reserve in another part of the province suffered from schizophrenia. Without a support system, she would often turn to street drugs to dull the voices in her head.

“Completely out of it,” she would be taken advantage of on the street, muling drugs and committing other crimes for others, said the executive director of My Sisters’ Place, a place of refuge and support for women facing homelessness . . .

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