Shannon Lucid Added to Astronaut Hall of Fame

Lian Morrison – Guardian Liberty Voice – Tuesday 11 February 2014 (originally published 09 Feb)

Shannon Lucid in space.
Image: Guardian Liberty Voice

It was announced this week that Shannon Lucid will be inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame in May 2014, along with former NASA member, Jerry Ross. This will increase the number of inductees to 87, seven of which are women. It is also a major step forward for women astronauts, as they are severely underrepresented in the space industry.

Shannon Lucid, with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, has completed five space missions, and in 1996 received the Space Medal of Honor for her work on the Russian space station, Mir. She was the first woman in history to achieve this award and remains the only woman to have ever worked on Mir. Lucid worked 188 days on Mir as Board Engineer 2 on life and physical science experiments.

Described by her colleagues as a “model astronaut,” Lucid admits that her success had many barriers because of her gender. At the age of 17, she wrote to Time magazine asking why females were not accepted into NASA’s early astronaut program. At the time, NASA did not have any female astronauts, so it seemed a feat almost too far out of reach for any women to continue working towards . . .

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