Women's rights activists stage flash mobs across Germany

Carl Nasman – Deutsche Welle – Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Women protesting
The flash mob hoped to focus the international spotlight on violence against women. Image: Carl Nasman

In Germany and around the world, demonstrators are trying to encourage public discussion of women’s rights and draw attention to gender violence. Dozens of demonstrations were held in Germany over the weekend.

Meanwhile in Europe, thousands of women marched through Madrid in early February, protesting a proposed law that would severely limit access to abortion. And the Internet was abuzz last week over a video by a female French director using reversed gender roles to shine light on sexual harassment in French society.

The global campaign “One Billion Rising” staged more than 150 demonstrations in Germany and many more abroad to highlight a sobering United Nations statistic: More than one billion women – or about one third of the world’s women – will be beaten or raped during their lifetime . . .

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