[Kenya] Women in Solar: SunnyMoney's Linda Wamune

Solar Aid – Business Green Plus – Monday, 24, March 2014 (originally 18 Mar)

Linda Wamune
Image: Solar Aid

Linda Wamune is operations director of SunnyMoney’s Kenya office. Owned by Solar Aid, SunnyMoney is currently the largest distributor of Solar Lights in Africa, aiming to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020.

Linda tells us about being a business woman in Solar, how social enterprises are still rare in Africa and why she would encourage more women to work in Solar.

It’s women and girls, who buy kerosene, do the cooking and cleaning in most Kenyan homes. With households which have adopted solar – it means less work for the women in the house. It makes life easier – the girls can cook and clean under solar lighting instead of disgusting kerosene lamps and it’s a nicer environment. It means more freedom for women . . .

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