UN & health partners work to slow Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Clare Doole for UN Radio – WNN Breaking

Ebola Virus
The first cases of Ebola virus were traced to a 1976 outbreak in Northern Zaire and Southern Sudan. Since then the Virus has had intermittent stages of outbreak and up to 20 years of hibernation. It is suspected, but not definitively known, that the disease may be carried through bats, insects and/or monkeys. Image: Wikimedia

(WNN/UNRadio) United Nations Geneva, SWITZERLAND, WESTERN EUROPE: The World Health Organization (WHO)  is expecting to see the outbreak of cases of the deadly virus Ebola continue in West Africa over the next few months. The UN agency currently has 60 of its own and partner staff on the ground to manage and control the outbreak.

From Geneva Claire Doole reports.

World Health Organization experts are describing the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as the most challenging they have ever seen.

So far there have been 157 suspected and confirmed cases in Guinea, including 101 deaths.  In Liberia there are 21 such cases including 10 deaths.

So far the deadly virus has not spread to neighbouring Sierra Leone, Mali or Ghana.  And the UN agency is not recommending any travel restrictions.  It says its focus is identifying cases and getting people the right care.

The virus goes through several incubation periods and the agency expects the outbreak to last for the next two to four months.


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