[US] Advocate for Women's Rights Inspired by High School Activism

Joliz Cedeno – Huffington Post – Tuesday, 03 June 2014 (originally published 28 May)

Joliz Cedeno
Joliz Cedeno Image: Courtesy of Julie Hassett-Sutton/Frantic Studio via Global Kids

From 1998-2002, I attended The Beacon School, a very progressive high school in Manhattan, which required students to do hours of community service as part of a graduation prerequisite. My first placement had me in a windowless room stuffing envelopes for an organization. After my first day, I immediately went to my adviser and claimed, “I will go crazy if you make me do this.” Knowing my love of media — or perhaps having an interest in maintaining my mental stability — he reassigned me to Global Kids.

I was placed in “Youth Pulse,” the Global Kids radio program through WBAI. It was completely youth driven — produced and hosted by us, for us. The live, monthly show was designed to focus on health issues, but the discussions always shifted to what we felt were more pertinent at the time.

My passion for sex education and women’s issues still remained with me, which is why I mobilized our Global Kids youth to work with V-Day, the movement to end violence against women, for their One Billion Rising campaign. Last year, I joined the V-Day team where I focus on managing V-Girls, the youth component of the movement . . .

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