[US] Karen DeCrow, Former President of the National Organization for Women, Dies at 76

William Yardley – New York Times – Monday, 09 June 2014 (originally published 06)

Karen DeCrow in 1977 sitting at the conference table
Karen DeCrow in 1977 at the National Organization for Women’s 10th annual conference. Her causes were national but also local. Image: United Press International

Karen DeCrow, who was president of the National Organization for Women during the 1970s, a turbulent period in which she helped lead campaigns for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and against sex discrimination in education and sports, died on Friday at her home in Jamesville, N.Y., a suburb of Syracuse. She was 76.

As president she served without pay, the last NOW president to do so. “I joined NOW on an issue of pay,” she said. “Of course, now I don’t get any pay at all.”

“I am lucky enough to have been involved in a movement that really moved,” she said. “But then, are we done? No, we’re not done”. . .

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