Rwanda: Why Women Should Be At the Forefront of Waging Peace

Oscar Kimanuka – – Friday July 11, 2014 (originally published 10 July)

Map showing location of Rwanda, Africa


Last Sunday, President Paul Kagame met with Rwandan women of all walks of life to celebrate the country’s 20th liberation and to reflect on the strides that the Rwandan women have made over the years.

No doubt women, not just the Rwandan women, have proven time and again that they have unique ability to bridge seemingly insurmountable divides.

Exceptions aside, women are often the most powerful voices for moderation in times of conflict.

While most men come to the negotiating table directly from the war room and battlefield, it is instructive to observe that women usually arrive straight out of civil activism and -take a deep breath-family care.

And yet interestingly, the traditional school of thought about war and peace either ignores women or regards them as victims. . .

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