[Africa] Women should do better in agric, health care, finance – Bukola Bello -Jaiyesimi

Christy Anyanwu – Sun – Wednesday, 23 July 2014 (originally published 21 Jul)

bukola bello
Image: Sun

Bukola Bello-Jaiyesimi is passionate about  women’s cause and mentoring  youngsters.  She studied Cultural Diversity Awareness in Scotland and this broadened her horizon. A pan-Africanist and multiple-awards recipient, she spoke with Sunday Sun recently about her life as an entrepreneur and other issues.

I have always craved  the need to be independent, to encourage women to be independent not just financially but to be able to take decisions on their own. Women can multi-task. We  do  five to ten things before going to work,  so why can’t we do the same in the workplace?.

Entrepreneurship afforded me the opportunity to serve by providing goods and services  and also the opportunity to work with a lot of people daily. As an entrepreneur, I made my mistakes and learned from them. I want every  worker to work towards perfection. As much as this is tough, it’s achievable, provided  youths  embrace  the can-do attitude. Africa can be better . . .

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