[Zimbabwe] Widowed mother weaves her way to a better life

Clayton MasekesaNehanda Radio – Wednesday, 30 July 2014 (originally published 29 Jul)

Grace Madekurozva holding 2 weaved baskets
Grace Madekurozva showing her products. Image: The Zimbabwean

Grace Madekurozva, 30, faced severe financial problems following the death of her husband in 2012. Illiterate and unaccustomed to being the primary breadwinner, she searched for a way to provide for her three little children.

As a child, she learned to weave baskets, pots and hats. This was her only skills and she knew she had to used it to generate some income. Although she had the necessary talents and a sound plan, she did not have any money with which to buy the raw materials.

Through her friend, Madekurozva heard about MicroStart, a lending institution and the services it provides to aspiring entrepreneurs . . .

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