These women are giving birth while fighting rages in eastern Ukraine

Anna Malpas – Global Post – Monday, 11 August 2014 (originally published 10 Aug)

Ukraine mother
Image: Global Post/
Getty Images.

DONETSK, Ukraine — Just a pink cap was visible as Larisa held her daughter Yeva swathed in a blanket on Sunday, sitting in the cellar of Donetsk’s largest maternity hospital, where she gave birth days ago amid heavy shelling.

As mortar fire continued to rain down on the center of the rebel-held city, dozens of women huddled in this cellar, sitting on benches along the walls of the corridor, many pregnant or holding newly born babies.

“I gave birth here on Aug. 7, right in the corridor,” said Larisa, dressed in a nightgown decorated with hearts, as her mother held a bottle of milk for the sleeping baby . . .

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