[Australia] Yolngu family leads push to promote Arnhem homelands tourism

Felicity James – ABC Indigenous – Friday, 22 August 2014

Laklak Burarrwanga
Laklak Burarrwanga and her family started their Bawaka tourism business in 2006. Image: ABC Indigenous

Under a palm tree in Bawaka, north-east Arnhem Land, Yolngu entrepreneur Laklak Burarrwanga sits at the centre of a new movement to open up Indigenous homelands to tourism.

Ms Burarrwanga’s Yolngu ancestors were part of a movement to return to Indigenous homelands in the 1970s, moving south to Bawaka to escape the beginning of bauxite mining near Yirrkala.

“My granddaughters, they’re watching me and they’re learning. In future, maybe my granddaughter will take over the business . . .

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